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VeggieLicious Creations is the brainchild of Jackie Powell & Sharri Hall who began a 30-year friendship at a Kraft General Foods in Chicago, IL. They have a passion for health and wellness and started VeggieLicious Creations during Spring 2018.

Jackie has practiced “clean” eating her entire life along with the use of herbs and supplements from her family’s health food store. She is a creative cook who enjoys using home grown herbs and vegetables in her meals. She wants to help others create meals based on food already in their cupboard. She is studying to become certified as an Herbalist.

Sharri stumbled into vegan living in 2000, and found out about the healing properties of food, which she used to cure an illness. She transitioned to vegetarianism in 2006 and continues to experiment with both vegan and vegetarian recipes. She happily shares her story with family and friends and is in the process of becoming a Certified Health Coach.

Amazing Recipes


Come join us and taste what food is meant to be-FOR OUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING with a twist of great taste. Check here to follow us to get great recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites. We will love to have you join us and enjoy an event of exciting revelations, education and an amazing time.

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